Branded Content

I have written a range of branded content for top brands like Netflix, Uber, and VMware. My infographic on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict below won Best in Infographic at the 2018 Native Advertising Awards.

‘A Land Divided’ | Netflix 

‘How Can We Preserve a Modern Crime Scene?’ | VMware

‘Augmenting Reality to Inspire Exploration’ | VMware 

‘Building Sustainable Urban Mobility’ | VMware

‘Rotterdam: The City of the Future’ | VMware 

‘Next to be Hacked? Your Dinner’ | VMware 

‘What’s In Your Burger? Lots of Water, It Turns Out’ | VMware

‘Charting a Future to Electric Mobility’ | Siemens 

‘A Joint History of Entrepreneurship’ | Cascadia Innovation Corridor 

‘The Problem Solving Public Servant’ | Center for an Urban Future

‘A Distributed Government, by the People, for the People’ | Center for an Urban Future

‘Safety First: An Inside Look at Uber’s New Business Model’ | Uber

‘A leader’s guide to shaping company culture’ | Ernst & Young 

Branded content by Rebecca Bellan